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Come join us in Chamonix!

It has been a really good start of the season here in Vågå and at Lemonlake ski center. It snowed just enough in November to make a really good base layer for the next snowfall. Sadly it now has been to hot for a long period of time and the snow is almost gone down in the walley, but luckily Lemonlake still got it, thank God for that :)

It has been to long now, so it feels so good to be out and about at Lemonlake with my friends! (høkkers)

Looking forward to the Freeride World Tour in Chamonix in January. Come and join us!

Here is the link to the event, check it out!

Here is a throwback from my last visit there, a shot of my backflip in Chamonix last season! Next time! :)

Foto: Ronny Mathisen, Backflip in Chamonix, Freeride World Tour

Thanx to Ronny Mathisen for capturing the moment! If it hadn't been for him I wouldn't have had any still image of this.

A lot is happening theese days, among other things a documentary about me and my participation in the Freeride World Tour, produced by Planck Film is soon to be launched.

In connection with the movie I just got portrayed in "Finansavisen" - a Norwegian newspaper with the headline:

You don't get better at skiing by walking on skis to the mountain tops

I prefer using the skilifts! ....But if there is no lift, then it's "ok" to walk :)

The documentary is in the final cut, so I will keep you updated about the upcoming premiere!

Still some weeks left before the FWT starts, so my plan is to use them well and to enjoy the wintertime before all hell breaks loose in Chamonix!

Heia gule!

Shake and bake!

- Dennis

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